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There is nothing better than having a landscape that not only has curb appeal, but is also healthy, clean, and safe to friends and family.  Our team utilizes the best equipment and practices to ensure your landscape is of the highest quality.


Mulch enhances the appeal of your flower beds, trees, and shrubs, but there are several benefits to adding mulch to your landscape maintenance plan.  Mulch can actually be a plant’s best friend as it helps retain much needed moisture for vegetation in your flower beds.  This way, your plants and flowers will retain their moisture for a longer period of time, compared to plants and flowers not paired with mulch.  Properly integrated mulch also slows the growth of weeds in addition to keeping the roots of your plants cooler during those hot West Michigan days.     


Decorative Stone

Like mulch, the use of decorative stone extends beyond curb appeal.  Stone, if integrated into your landscape maintenance plan correctly, can enhance drainage, serve as a landscape barrier, and also prevent erosion.    


Pruning not only enhances the appearance of your plants, but helps promote plant health.  Your plants are living, breathing organisms that, like us, need to breathe.  Pruning allows the plant to breathe a bit easier, allowing air flow to parts of the plant that would otherwise struggle.  Pruning varies from different plant species, so let us take care of the health and sustainability of your plants.


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